Posted on Aug 6, 2019

Go Up Climbing Club

I started climbing almost 10 months ago and it is officially the only thing I have stuck to that long. I have always been asked, "but why climbing?" and the answer couldn't be any simpler. The feeling i get when i come in touch with each rock and each hold knowing that every single step is going to push me to the peak taught me perseverance and persistence. I am, with no doubt, gonna fail to explain the feeling of accomplishment i get when i scream "YES, I did it!" at the end of each route. Despite the intense anger i feel whenever i fail to finish a route, climbing remains to be my number one go-to activity for the sake of self-satisfaction and inner-development when i overcome any difficulty. As cliché as it might sound, climbing is an internal challenge that rises within my own mind and that pushes me to my fullest potential. Definitely a worthwhile experience.

- Dima Bsat

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