Posted on Aug 15, 2019

Go Up Climbing Club

Happy to hear that from you Amani Zaknoun:

I've had a fear of heights as far back as I can remember. Pretty much got sick of being scared of heights too. My friend got me into rock climbing with the gym he trains at (Go Up Climbing Club); my first time was an outdoor! I remember the first time I tried climbing with, I hugged the wall and yelled for dear life till my forearms were on fire and my body was totally and utterly paralyzed. I cried so hard, but that was my cue to move on and fight my fear. Normally I'm not one to blindly trust randoms. But my friend Assaad and the coaches at Go Up Climbing Club seemed legit. They kept talking to me like a darn motivational speakers! My last climbing experience was a success for I was able to climb two routes all alone (between 17 m to 20 m each). I cried, YES, but I kept on going and descended all alone and never felt as good.


Thanks Assaaf Youssef Abou-Rached for pushing me beyond my limits, for being the supporter and the friend i would never ask for a better one.
Thanks GO UP climbing club for giving me this chance.
Together for 35 meters, woohhooooo

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