Posted on 02-Jan-2020

Go Up Climbing Club

Climbing course for kids at GO UP climbing club
Your kids will spend an exciting month learning and practicing indoor climbing. Cooperation between the body and the brain is a must, we will teach your child the skills needed to climb.

Why is climbing recommended for children?
• Self-challenge and quick results after practice
• Skill acquisition and fitness
• Mental health and cognitive development.
• Competition and encouragement
• Exploring the vertical, the height, the view from above.

Is climbing at GO UP a safe environment?
Climbing is in a safe and fun environment for kids from 4 years old that is because the leaders and coaches of the club are always observing and taking care of the kids each one at a time to allow them a safe climbing environment, so the child will not have a fear of falling. GO UP club offers the safest equipment and our training sessions are structured and progressive to avoid any possible injury.

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Our program is accessible for kids from 4 to 15 years old:
2 days per week (8 Training sessions in the month. Every session’s duration is 2 hours).

Fees: 135.000 L.L.
(Including the rental of all the climbing gear needed harness, shoes, helmet)

Places are limited!

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